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Music and Entertainment Play an Even More Important Wedding Role

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

As 2020 challenged us to think outside the box for weddings, 2021 will continue to build upon some of these exciting concepts that many weddings have adopted. And we’ve seen it firsthand.

While “smaller but bigger” may be the trend going forward, that doesn’t mean the feelings and emotions will be any less. We’re seeing weddings going big with visuals as well as the guest experience. You’ll see bolder colors, bigger flower arrangements, upscale food, and, most importantly, emphasis on music and entertainment.

Since close dancing may be somewhat limited, couples are finding other ways to entertain guests. One of the most important elements is lively entertainment. Your DJ is not there just to play music, but serves as an emcee for the evening while ensuring your guests are entertained from their tabletops to their laptops.

Capture the Moment

Being inclusive while remaining socially distant is becoming an art form supported through technology and innovation. At FNA Events, we have offered live streaming options which are the perfect way to capture and share your event with those who can’t be there or shouldn’t (due to distance and/or health precautions).

And as a gift to your guests, we can offer mini-albums filled with beautiful photographs taken by our professional, award-winning staff. See our package offerings here.

Go Big or Go Home

We know how to fill a room. And while your attendees may be fewer, we can guarantee the feeling will be larger.

We keep the energy flowing. Through a combo of our high-energy DJ personalities and our fun event extras, we’ll turn this pandemic into nothing but epic! It’ll be a dream date with photo booth options, lighting designs, live musicians, monogram motifs, confetti cannons, drone footage, and even dancing in the clouds with our special effects.

These are just a few of the music and entertainment ideas we can bring that will have a huge impact on the atmosphere and bring delight and magic to your special day. Every event is unique and we’re here to consult with you on how to find that special thing for you and bring everything together.

Get a head start on 2021. Call us now .... 844-373-7411

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