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Fresh New Angle has been recognized as one of the most reliable vendors in the tri-state area for DJ Services, photography, and Cinema Services for over a decade.  When it comes to having fun capturing your day, we are second to none.  Our entertainers bring the party wherever they go.


Proudly serving New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, we will also consider any destination you choose for our services, so don't hesitate to reach out! It is our pleasure and passion to participate in your next amazing event.  Our DJ and Lighting Services meet and exceed expectations, offering a more ambitious and personalized approach through our online portal and planning tools.

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Got 10 Min? Watch us rock this party from start to finish!

how we get the crowd going


Check out this footage from the dance floor at one of our events!  Watch as the DJ, Host, and Live Musicians take control of the dancefloor and provide a live soundtrack of drums and saxophones to play along with the music from the DJ!  Special thanks to everyone at the Renault Winery!  Congratulations to Steph and Jimmy!  What an amazing wedding!  

Screen Shot 2024-04-19 at 10.00.02 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 2.56.00 PM.png



Picture of a groom being lifted by friends at an Indian wedding in New Jersey.
  • Two-Person Team

  • Your Choice of Host

  • Music for On-Site Ceremony

  • Wireless Mics

  • Music for Cocktail & Reception 

  • Basic Dance Floor Lighting

  • Uplighting

Picture of a bride and groom surrounded by friends and family at a New Jersey wedding.
  • Two-Person Team

  • Host Assigned by FNA

  • Music for On-Site Ceremony 

  • Wireless Mics

  • Music for Cocktail & Reception 

  • Basic Dance Floor Lighting

DJ Chuckie Hype behind the booth and speakers with hands up, under tent, at a New Jersey wedding.


  • One DJ/MC (assigned by FNA)

  • Wireless Mics

  • Music for Reception

  • Basic Dance Floor Lighting


Screen Shot 2024-04-19 at 8.20.21 AM.png

FNA Events planning portal makes it super easy to plan your entire day.  Our interactive portal makes music selection a breeze and includes a search bar for popular songs, ideas for formal dances, ceremony music, and much more!


  • Will I be able to control music selection at my event?

Absolutely! Fresh New Angle's customized planning portal is an amazing tool to help plan any type of event. From private parties to extravagant weddings, our planning portal lets you select the perfect music for every moment. For weddings, we cover everything from ceremony procession/recession to cocktail hour, reception introductions, first dances, and your entire reception. Our DJs will use discretion while moving in and out of genres based on your playlist, the order of events, and your guests' energy. Our DJs and hosts work as a team to ensure your event sounds and feels exactly how you want it!

  • Will the DJ take requests at my event?

Yes! We love catering to you and your guests on the fly. Our DJs and hosts will use discretion and consult with the bride, groom, or event organizer before playing any questionable song requests. Our goal is to keep the party vibe just right, especially for weddings where the bride and groom are the stars of the show.

  • Who will be the DJ / Host?  What's World Tour vs World Tour Premium?

The World Tour Premium package allows you to select a specific DJ/Host if available. Couples often choose FNA Events' World Tour Package because we pair you with an entertainment team based on your needs, location, and vibe. Our entire team shares the same philosophy of working cohesively with venue staff, the photo/video team, and your guests to make your event unforgettable. Both packages cover up to 6 hours, including on-site ceremony music, cocktail hour, and reception. Trusting FNA Events saves you time and money!

  • Do the DJ's have backup equipment?

Absolutely! Our DJs bring a backup laptop, microphone, and speakers to ensure your event runs smoothly. They often bring enough sound equipment to compensate for any issues, ensuring the party never stops.

  • What if my ceremony and cocktail hour are in different spaces?

No problem! We move a portable speaker on-site from the ceremony to the cocktail hour space. Our portable speakers can reach places without electrical outlets, and we can cater to off-site ceremonies as well.

  • What is uplighting vs extravagant lighting?

Uplighting is perimeter lighting for your entire reception area, which is interactive and multi-colored. The DJ/Host strategically places lights throughout the space, mainly against walls and pillars, for a desired effect. Extravagant lighting, also known as spotlight or intelligent lighting, features moving heads that create special spotlight effects for first dances and a club-like atmosphere throughout the reception.

  • Can I have Sparklers or Dancing on the Clouds at my event? What are they?

Yes, you can! FNA Events offers various production effects, including Sparklers and Dancing on the Clouds. Sparklers use cold spark effects for first dances and throughout the night. Dancing on the Clouds uses dry ice for a magical first dance effect. Check with your venue to ensure these effects are allowed.

  • How will the volume level be controlled at my event?

We at FNA Events understand that too loud music can ruin a party. We balance the volume to create a lively atmosphere where you can still have conversations. Music will be lowered during dinner and announcements, ensuring a comfortable volume for all guests.

  • What is the TV Experience vs Monogram?

Our TV Experience includes one or two TVs mounted on trussing or at the DJ booth, displaying custom monograms, music videos, photos from the event, or pre-provided photos/videos. Your custom monogram can also be projected onto a wall at the venue.

  • What are the CO2 Blasters?

Just like they sound! Enjoy one of our favorite enhancements with CO2 cannons and guns, available in three variations. The bride and groom, along with their guests, can enjoy this exciting effect. Ensure your venue allows this enhancement before booking.



"A night we won’t forget! Everyone made our wedding a day the whole family will remember and be talking about for AWHILE!! Their equipment transformed our reception into everything I ever dreamed of plus more! Their energy was great from beginning until end and not a single moment of our day was boring! I would strongly recommend them and their services. 10 out 10 would use them again for future events! HYPE SQUAD for the win!!!"


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