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FNA Events Presents Real Weddings: Jessica and Bryce at Crystal Springs Resorts, Hamburg NJ

Updated: Jan 23

Hello again! It's our pleasure here at Fresh New Angle Events to present one of the most fabulous weddings we have ever seen! This couple put together one of the most well-planned and beautiful weddings this past August at one of the most breathtaking venues in the great state of New Jersey: Grand Cascades Lodge at Crystal Springs Resort.

Photo Credit: Miranda Suess

Aerial ceremony setup with white seats, trees, and grass.

After plenty of research, Jessica and Bryce decided to hire FNA Events to cover their extraordinary day for videography with two shooters, basing their decision on FNA's existing portfolio and conversations about what FNA would try with all of their might to do. It was quite a trek up to the Grand Cascades Lodge, but so worth it. Lead videographer Michael Vincent brought the vibes, the energy, and the equipment necessary to rise to the occasion and film everything he possibly could from every angle.

Why was this wedding so great!?? The bride and groom BROUGHT IT. This is just another example that it doesn't matter if it pours rain, or if you forget something, or something doesn't go as planned, it's all about the energy you bring, the person you are, and the person you become on your wedding day. By the way, everything pretty much went as planned, minus the beads of sweat at the ceremony. Big shout to the photography team and wedding planner for having such a great schedule, being great with posing, adapting to timelines, and just being awesome!

Photo credit: Miranda Suess

Groom in green tux with black bowtie yelling and ripping off a white button-down at the chest like superman

Michael Vincent had no idea what this couple was about to launch, as this would go down as the most lit and bedazzled Jewish wedding he had laid eyes upon, definitely one of the most unique weddings overall. Ever. A good photographer or videographer will be able to adapt to any situation and decide on the fly what to shoot and from what angle to shoot. The first half of the day included the photos of all the details, plenty of candid photo ops, and first looks with Dad, the bridesmaids, and the groom. This was quite a touching moment for the bride and groom. Oh!

Photo credit: Miranda Suess

Happy groom with hands together up to mouth in the background about to open his eyes to see a bride in a white dress in the foreground

After the first look, we set up for the Bedeken, which was a rager all in itself, featuring a floating entrance as the groomsmen flew Bryce through the doors into the room! All of a sudden the groomsmen erupted with a slew of instruments, filling the room with beating drums mixed with sounding horns, creating a harmonious celebratory soundtrack for family and friends. Then came some administrative duties, followed by some kind words from the parents and Rabbi, plus more music. We were spinning. The second shooter for videography provided a different look and feel for a good part of the day, focusing on groom details including the priceless video footage for Bryce's entrance at the Bedeken, which can be seen in their video highlight below!

Photo credit: Miranda Suess

Smiling groom in a tux with with outstretched arms and pointed fingers being carried by four groomsmen in white button-downs, green vests and black bowties

Next was a quick turnaround set up for the ceremony, which was just as beautiful as it was hot with temperatures were up. near 90's. Again, the couple did not disappoint. The groom strutted in beating a drum in preparation for his stunning bride to make her way down the aisle. The ceremony lasted about an hour, but time seemed to fly as it was packed with heartfelt words, tradition, and pure joy.

Photo credit: Miranda Suess

Another quick portrait session, then we turned around for reception as the photo video team joined cocktail hour for more candid action. The golden hour at Crystal Springs Resort is one of the best we have ever seen. Of course, every day is different but wow!! No doubt we took advantage. This wedding was so tight we decided to deliver a next-day edit with drone footage and golden hour just because we couldn't help ourselves.

Photo credit: Miranda Suess

Time for the reception. Holy smokes, this place was lit up. A huge choreographed surprise dance by the bridal party started, and then more guests jumped in!

- wow... just wow -

There were choreographed first dances from the couple and the dads, great production, great music, thunder sticks... the whole room was electric. We danced all night to a wide variety of hits. The food and staff at the venue were amazing. It was one of those parties where you don't even check your watch to see what time it is all night. The lights just go on at some point, and you're like what just happened?

Photo credit: Miranda Suess

Groom in green tux raising hand in the foreground with a bride in a white wedding dress singing, looking up, and holding the outstretched arms of her bridesmaids dressed in pink dresses behind him, all in front of four floor sparks shooting off tall sparks with a white DJ setup  behind it.

Would you believe that we didn't stop here!?!?! Turns out Grand Cascades Lodge has an indoor pool that you can reserve for after your event.. that's right. This was the most epic after-party we've ever been to which included a water slide, pool volleyball, and an all-you-can-eat taco bar.

Now... without further ado... check out this video highlight chocked full of action from what is no doubt one of the top weddings of the year 2023!!

Jessica and Bryce's epic wedding coverage included this highlight, a full-length video, and bonus raw footage showcasing their extraordinary day in its entirety.

Want to see more of their amazing day or just ask how they did it?! Contact Us!

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