Videography by
Michael Vincent 

Michael is another member of FNA's versatile capture crew.  Michael has been making videos for over 20 years. He created his first videos while skateboarding in 1998, editing his first film with two VCR's.  Michael hosted a morning show during High School, and filmed his first paid professional video (a beach workout) in 2009 using an iPhone 3GS.

Michael went to Marist College where he played football and got his degree in Criminal Psychology, and then spent many years in sales. Michael also served as a freelance artist during this time doing photography, film, and fine art.  He spent a few years completely immersed in painting outdoors, pursuing any chance he could to find places to paint, and worked with local businesses to secure wall space for many other artists to come paint.  He always especially loved film and photography, knew the camera was one of the best tools he had, and it wasn't until 2018 that this became a full time job. 


Michael enjoys all of the fun behind a wedding day and utilizes modern technology and personal skills to position himself for the best cinematic shots to use in film projects.  He is known for productions that differ from traditional wedding videos, and incorporates slow motion, aerial video, and pro audio recording to enhance films.