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Fresh New Angle's
Stephen Haynes 

Stephen Haynes (aka Your Next Emcee) is more than just an emcee, he's Mr. Everything! Stephen started his love for entertainment as a kid, borrowing his fathers video camera and creating skits and interviews with his friends as the lead host. As his hosting skills grew, he started hosting private Game Nights and was the host of a Trivia Night at a bar in Manhattan.



With a background and professional career in Broadcasting, TV, Film and Marketing, Stephen has all of the tools to make your event more than what you paid for! He loves people, relishes at the thought of getting the crowd excited for the moment and enjoys a good time on the dance floor.

With an ability to light up a room, and gift for bringing people together, "Your Next Emcee" will ease the anxiety of worrying if your guests will have a good time. And even with all of the experiences, Stephen's goals are your goals. 


Let's enjoy these milestones and create experiences that will last a lifetime!

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