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Photography by
Lauren Kuhn

A world traveler, Simmone grew up on the beaches in Sydney, Australia and discovered photography during an art class in high school. When she moved to America a few years later, her ultimate goal became learning photography and soon started shooting weddings.

Simmone's style is a mix of documentary and creative portraiture. She focuses on genuine, candid moments and emotion, with vibrant, colorful portraiture. You'll get direction on how to pose, wrangle family members for pictures, and help create a timeline that fits with your vision for the day, all without being too intrusive. She takes her job very seriously, but has a fabulous time doing it!  Let's tell your story in a real and lasting way, and share your uniqueness, sensitivity, and love through the gift of art and photography.

Simmone Dress Photo
Simmone von Sydney Photo Chelsea
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