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Why Weekday Weddings Are Trending

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

When the coronavirus changed the way we all think and act this past March, the fallout regarding weddings in 2020 was truly life changing. As wedding event managers, we're used to many of the emergencies and natural disasters that can affect that special day – and we're prepared to deal with it.

While you may have never seen a situation like this before, many of your vendors are also going through this for the first time. And, they're thinking outside of the box. Everyone is addressing this on a case-by-case basis and we're all working on how to best support each other during this time.

One of the biggest issues is the postponement of your original wedding date. With the uncertainty early on, many dates kept getting pushed out month-to-month, with many now looking into 2021. But finding that perfect weekend and juggling the dates with your many vendors, has made it more difficult to get everything back together again.

So, what's the new trend in getting your dream wedding? Let's look at the weekday!

Weekday Weddings Can Work

Coordinating vendors, finding the venue you wanted, and saving money are just some of the things that make the weekday work. Here are few other things to consider when choosing something during the week:

Which Day is Best?

Consider a Monday or Thursday. Since Monday immediately follows a weekend and Thursday is right before the weekend, important guests from out of town are able to travel in and get settled, or enjoy more time together after the ceremony. Plus, these days also increase the likelihood your original team of star vendors will be available. Just remember to schedule your event for the evening, so guests who are local don't have to take a full day off.

Do You Like Intimacy?

Much like a destination wedding, a weekday wedding will most likely mean a smaller, more intimate guest list. But, these guests will be your most favorite people who are there to truly support you. And an intimate midweek affair comes with an invaluable bonus: more quality face time with these BFF guests!

Do You Like Saving Money?

Who doesn't? Many wedding venues and vendors provide added incentives to fill these less popular dates. Couples looking to save money can book a midweek date that a wedding service provider would be excited to fill! So you have the potential to not only save money, but get some added value on top of it! And you greatly improve the chance of getting the vendor and venue that you wanted during the week.

With all that's been going on this year, it's important to remember that it's still about the day, not just the day of the week. Most people won't care they are celebrating on a weekday. As we all crave to put socially distancing behind us, many will just be thrilled to have reason to be socially connected and celebrate with friends and family.

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