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What Makes That Perfect Day Come Together? . . . Let Us Tell You

Planning a wedding during normal times is hard enough, but for those brides and grooms who wedded these past 18 months, and for those who continue to plan weddings going forward, the word CHALLENGING is an understatement!

We wanted to share with you a story that took place this past summer. Victoria and Justin celebrated their love and made it official on July 18th, 2020 regardless of the obstacles in their way. They trusted Fresh New Angles' entire team from start to finish.

"You made it happen. You doubled as a day planner. If I needed something, you literally made it happen. You made bubbles in the middle of Holmdel Park where there was no electricity. You were always a phone call or text away."

– Victoria

That July was one of the first weddings we were able to do once COVID restrictions began to lift. We wanted Victoria and Justin to know that wherever or however they were going to get married, we were going to make it a party!

"You had the people here and the talent, too. My pictures have been described as stunning. My mom, who may be a little biased, said it was the best pictures she's seen from a wedding."


Want to Know How to Make Your Day Perfect?

Listen to Victoria and Justin tell you all about it and stay tuned for the surprise we gave them at the end.

And, in the meantime, BOOK TIME with us today so we can get you to your perfect day.

Watch Victoria & Justin's video. Click below:

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