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Wedding Entertainer Spotlight: Meet DJ Chuckie Hype!!!

When did the HYPE start? Some say right at the beginning when DJ Chuckie was born under the hospital bright lights and applause from the doctors and nurses upon his arrival. From there, the world was his stage and there was no turning back on being an entertainer.

He got his first turntables at 13 and absolutely loved performing for family and friends. He got a warning from the police the next day for being too HYPE!

After discovering that this passion could be a business, there were many years of eat, sleep, party, and repeat. HOUSE music has been Chuckie's favorite genre since forever. He's an avid fist pumper, and has even been seen doing so at church.

Chuckie Hype enjoys eating CLEAN-ish, HITT workouts and being active with sports. His favorite shows can be found on BRAVO, MTV, and ESPN. He enjoys a great love story, hence you'll find him locked into anything Bachelor/Bachelorette related (#bachelornation). He is the eternal optimist (in the words of his wife, Chuckie is Disney World). Furthermore he strives to welcome and love all people in his life, even the haters.

Most importantly, Chuckie is a proud father of his son, Charlie Hype, and he considers himself most complete because of the love of his amazing wife, Rachel. When he is not spending time with them, you can catch him rocking the house all over the tri-state area one event at a time!

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