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The Future of Weddings

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

It’s July 2020 and things are still going strong with the coronavirus. But our spirit is only getting stronger. We hope you are keeping calm, masking up and thinking about how great the future is going to be. And, that it’s okay to plan for that wedding, because we know, firsthand, that when there is love, there is a way!

According to a May survey by the Knot, 66 percent of 6,253 respondents across eight countries are rescheduling to a later date. Of these, 40 percent are postponing to later in 2020, 52 percent to 2021 and 8 percent aren’t sure of their new date. (The study was conducted among users of the Knot’s brands, including WeddingWire, Bodas and Hitched.). Weddings are not going away. We need to keep celebrating. We just need to find new ways to do it.

The Goodbye Kiss

Some of the changes people have undergone with weddings they had during the past few months are going to dictate the protocols for those planning our future events.

More focus will be on health and safety. This means more social distancing, masks, hand sanitizers, and nods and waves, instead of kisses.

Smaller celebrations or “microceremonies” will be the norm with many going the livestreaming route. Depending on where you live, the ceremony itself might be done virtually, which is legal in certain states. In New York, for example, some officiants can legally perform a binding ceremony via video.

And these won’t be homemade videos. You’ll want these to be professionally done with proper microphones so the viewers can hear the bride and groom rather than the birds and airplanes going by. So, asking your maid of honor to do this on her phone, won’t fly.

Less is More

Another thing you may start seeing is smaller events done in multiple locations. For those family members who can’t travel due to health reasons and pandemic restrictions, you may see the show go on the road. The bride and groom may be doing the traveling making appearances in different towns enabling them to still see those special family and friends.

Eventually, we will get back to what was normal. In the meantime, FNA Events is here to help you re-think what you can do today. We know there may be some sentimentality around a certain date, so there’s no need to let it go by. With some inventive and creative planning, anything is possible.

Parties may be separate from weddings. Buffets may have to be put on the backburner. And the wedding cake may have to be mailed to your guests. But, with a longing to connect after months of quarantine, and the value weddings put on family and friendships, these events may prove even more important to help us all get through this together.


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