• Kyle Short

The Cost of "Cheap"

Your wedding day is the most magical, most spectacular day of your life. In fact, you've spent a lifetime getting to this today!

We know planning a wedding can be a mix of stress, joy, doubt, exhilaration, and a lot more stress. (Check out our ebook: 5 Pro Tips on How to Plan Your Wedding). But, this is not the time to go cheap.

We've seen it a million times where the bride and groom get sticker shock and start cutting the budget only to regret later that they didn't really save anything in the end.

What is the cost of cheap? Let Chuck Gookins explain it to you in this video. Talent and experience are priceless (well, maybe it's a cost of a cup of coffee - Chuck will explain it).

In the end, it's your day, and FNA will help you do it right!

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