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Mini-Monies —Say, What?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. And, this moment more than ever requires some out-of-the-box thinking.

With the global pandemic and social distancing, chances are your 2020 wedding plans have been significantly altered. So, what can you do to get married sooner rather than later, especially when finding a future date is becoming competitive?

The Mini-Mony

A mini-mony is the latest response for brides and grooms looking to do something now.

A minimony is typically 10 people often immediate family who respect the social distancing policies set forth. It is an intimate way to take aspects from a larger ceremony and do something on a smaller, more manageable scale.

For those, who still want to participate but really shouldn’t be there in-person, virtual streaming is the way to go. This way the officiant, friends and even distant relatives can join you from their respective locations.

In addition, to being able to keep your 2020 wedding date, a mini-mony can help your bottomline. With the current economic hardships many are facing, a smaller ceremony in the face of a pandemic takes the pressure off.

Watch How We Can Live Stream Your Mini-Mony

The FNA Events Mini-Mony Package

As an experienced event company, you can bet we already created a way for you to do your own personal mini-mony. We created this ultimate way to CAPTURE, RETELL, and SHARE your magic moments!

With this all-encompassing package you will receive:


  • 1 Hour of streaming

  • This includes a switchboard operator who will seamlessly transition live to create a dynamic way to view your mini-mony so guests who cannot attend in person can be virtual and interact through various platforms.


  • 4 hours of premier photography

  • Online hosting for all images to be delivered

  • Standard album (up to 40 images)


  • 4 hours of professional videography

  • A beautiful story retold through a timeless highlight recap


  • Customized music for the mini-mony

  • Pro microphone audio for officiant and speeches

  • Music for formal dances, if necessary

Want to learn more and find out how you can have your wedding now rather than later, contact us today!

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