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How to Get Your Best Shots for Your Wedding Day!

Planning a wedding from your proposal day to your "I do", takes a lot of preparation and heavy-lifting. Capturing those special moments along the way also requires important preparation. So, let's talk about what's involved and how to work with your photographer to get the best shots of your day!

At Fresh New Angle, we have some of the top professional photographers in the industry. They have covered countless weddings and celebrations and can guide you through some of the critical steps you should be aware of when planning that personalized shot list.

While you may not be able to get all the pictures you want, working with your photographer and COMMUNICATING your wishlist will go a long way to achieving that satisfaction of getting the important shots you want.

Let's breakdown the day into the 3 important parts we've seen work. We'll also provide a brief list of the type of shots you may want to consider.

Pre-Wedding Shots

The excitement of being with your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and loved ones is something important to capture as you prepare for the wedding ceremony. Some shots to consider, include:

  • The wedding dress hanging on the wardrobe

  • The wedding party getting dressed

  • Loved ones helping you zip up your dress

  • Parents/Step-parents admiring you

  • The wedding party helping you with final touches

  • Emotional shots with siblings

  • First look photos of the bride and groom

The Wedding Ceremony

Beyond the exchanging of vows there are certainly other moments to capture from a close-up of the

wedding bands to guests arriving. Here are some pictures to consider:

  • Guests entering

  • Ushers escorting guests to their seats

  • Flower girl/Ring bearer

  • Grandparents walking down the aisle

  • The wedding party procession

  • Parents escorting the bride and groom

  • The couple with the officiant at the arch, altar, or canopy

  • Close-ups of the rings being placed on each other's fingers

  • The first kiss!

  • Recessional

The Party

While the exchange of vows and pronouncement of husband and wife are sacred moments, we're ready to let loose with the festivities. Let's celebrate all that planning with some great shots to remembered forever! Let's also get those family shots done and what the venue looks like before everyone enters.

  • The newlyweds with parents, siblings, and significant others

  • The newlyweds with the wedding party

  • Reception venue with details like place cards, guest book, centerpieces, champagne glasses

  • Newlyweds entering the venue

  • Pictures of the head table, parents' table, and guests

  • The speeches and toasts

  • The food

  • The first dance

  • The parents' dance

  • Everyone dancing!

  • The wedding cake and cutting

  • The couple leaving the party and waving goodbye

And once you receive your photos after the event, you'll get to relive every moment of joy. You can rest assured that our photographers can help with every detail. But, if you have some specific, personalized shots you want, just make sure to tell the photographer what you want before the big day. In the meantime, we're here to help you make your day epic!

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