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Could a NO to Your RSVP be a Blessing in Disguise?

Yes, it may not be something you want to admit, but getting a decline to your wedding may bring you a little joy.

Let's face it, the cost of almost everything has gone up from gas to toilet paper to catering a wedding. And one of the biggest costs at the wedding is people. So, trimming that guest list is a surefire way to keep costs down while also keeping "unwanted" guests from attending. We're talking about your second cousin once removed or that sketchy boyfriend of your best friend.

This may sound a little harsh but one of the biggest costs is not only paying for guest headcount, but also paying for those guests who don't show after RSVPing YES. With an average guest cost of $150, those numbers can add up quickly.

Tips to "Politely" Reduce Your Guest List

Keep it to a Year This means only inviting friends you've been in touch with during the past year. And Facebook friends don't count!

Your Wedding Does Not Equal My Wedding Just because you were invited to someone's wedding a few years back does not obligate you to invite them to your wedding this year. Only reciprocate the invite to those people whose weddings you attended in the past year.

Sorry Mom and Dad While this can get a little sticky since parents traditionally help pay for the wedding costs, setting some firm rules with them can go a long way to better communications. Give them a specific number of invites they can include and make sure you're also familiar and comfortable with their choices.

Plus Ones

The general rule is that you should invite any significant others who live together or who have been a couple for a significant amount of time (that's your choice to the time frame). Even if you have never met your college roommate's boyfriend, if they've been together four years, it's tacky not to include him as the additional guest on the invite. On the other end, you can make it clear up front that you're not inviting anybody additional unless it has been over a year and/or they expect to get a ring before your wedding date, as an example.

Sorry Kiddos

A no-children policy is a good way to keep the guest list trim and the budget tight. Kids cost the same as adults in these situations because they require a seat. Also, some kids may not do well in these adult-centered parties and you certainly don't want a meltdown taking the spotlight off the party.

Get Away And another way to keep your guest list more manageable is to plan a destination wedding. This way, only those special to you will want to the trip for your special moment.

In Summary ...

Remember, while the day should be filled with love, getting there requires some serious financial planning. Being surrounded by the guests you want will make your day even more enriching.

At FNA Events, we have a ton of experience planning weddings with couples in similar situations. Give us a call to discuss, and we'd be happy to share some of our personal stories with you.

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