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Getting Creative with Your Wedding Guests

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

As much as your wedding is about celebrating your new nuptials, it’s also very much about your guest’s comfort and enjoyment. And, with times as they are, getting creative on how you interact with your guests is even more important.

Technology can help. Technology is your friend. And FNA Events knows how to be friendly. We’ve been incorporating various technology elements into the wedding events we host and want to share some of these ideas with you. This way you can better plan your day and know that FNA can make it all come together.

Live Streaming

This is a no-brainer technology to keep guests safe and happy, especially during COVID-19 wedding planning. When you need to keep the space small and intimate, live streaming is the way to still share the room with everyone. This can be done via Facebook or website broadcasts that we can walk you through and determine the best technology to use based on what you need to do.

Social Media

Chances are social media has already play important role in your wedding plans from announcing your engagement to viewing Pinterest for wedding ideas. So now all you need to do is create your wedding hashtag so guests can send photos and kind words to be displayed on digital screens at your venue. It’s like a huge, interactive guest book!


Who doesn’t love the images from a drone? How cool is it to hover over your venue and see your guests gathering? But, here’s one more idea to think about – use a drone to drop off the wedding ring! No kidding! Drones are quite dexterous and if you’re looking to keep some social distance going, a non-breathing drone could do the trick.

Photo Booths

GIF booths are really popular for weddings. Bursts of photos are taken with special video equipment, then stitched together to create three to six second animated video loops. The best part? These loops can be sent via email or uploaded directly to your social media account.

Cake Décor

Technology is wonderful for images but now it’s also available for food. Now you can wow your wedding cake with 3-D printing. A cake baker can create a simple wedding cake and add amazing 3-D printed shapes to the top and sides for a truly modern look. You can use light projections to entertain your guests with a true show-stopping cake. You can map literally anything you want onto your cake, from pretty flowers to old-school photos and even meaningful song lyrics.

Post Wedding Gifts

And as a gift to your guests to recall your wonderful day, we can offer mini-albums filled with beautiful photographs taken by our professional, award-winning staff. See our package offerings here.

Whatever your technology of choice is, we can help you incorporate it into your wedding plan. And, while all this may be new to you, we’ve been on the cutting edge of the latest wedding technology for quite some time. So, let our event experts at FNA show you what can be done.

It’s never too early to plan for your wedding. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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