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Fresh New Angle: Handling Your Event from Start to Finish!

Having your amazing wedding day takes a lot of planning, preparing and professionalism. And as you know, these past couple of years had one more “P-word” – Pandemic!

Of all the things we do, which we’ll explain below, we want you to know that being safe is a top priority at Fresh New Angle. But we also want you to know that being safe can still be fun! In fact, being safe and fun is what we do.

The Family

In spite of these pandemic times, we’re still making epic events. And we’re able to do it because we have a complete team of people we have assembled who have become family. And we want to introduce our family to your family.


“The best part about coming to Fresh New Angle is that it’s a one-stop shop. From the DJ, the emcee, the photographer, and videographer, we all have great chemistry working together,” says Kadyr Leger.

“What makes up unique is that we’re not just one person showing up on your wedding day. We’re a whole a crew. We’re a team working together. We know where each one of us is going to be,” says Carlos Alvarado. “Up until the end, until you cut the cake, and even past that, I’m there with you.”