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A-ROD Crashes Our Zoom Call And Teaches Us A Lesson

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

What a week at FNA Events! Even with a slowdown in the event business, we're keeping our skills sharp and staying busy. And, all our good work paid off when we got an unexpected visit to our online New Jersey business Zoom call which was hosted by MIKExSTEVE on their show STUFF ABOUT SPORTS on the GIVE US A SHOT NETWORK.

Yes, some of us may be Mets fans, but we can still respect the man himself. We were reminded recently that Alex Rodriguez is not only deservedly destined to be a future Hall of Fame inductee thanks to his incredible athletic skills, but he's also a man of the people.

In the middle of our group call last Friday, the former Yankees slugger himself popped into the chat to speak with Jersey Shore-based small business owners, teachers and essential workers. It was a great sight and a shock. But A-Rod proved he was still in fine form as he slid right into the issues at hand and offered words of encouragement.

He even took a few moments to talk with our own Chuckie Gookins, who was there with #Hypesquad President Mike Van Houten as well as FNA Events parnters Kyle Short and Mike Large. You can see the video of that conversation and the words of wisdom A-Rod offered up below:

We're certainly taking everything he said to heart and have already been keeping the hype up with our weekly online dance parties, which you can find by following us on Facebook.


"All it takes is one or two people to listen and go, ‘hey, I want Chuckie to play at my wedding or I want him to come back to my high school.'” - Alex Rodriguez


And, it seems good news travels fast because Asbury Park Press and USA Today picked up the Zoom bomb story, which you can read here.

In the meantime, don't forget to download our 2 new ebooks on Pro Planning Tips and Pricing guidelines. And BOOK TIME with us to talk about your upcoming event. Who knows who else may be dropping in on one of our meetings!


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