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Gina Corso: Violinist

Gina Corso Violinist

Gina is a terrific violinist who has the rare ability to combine the precision needed to play classical music as well as the emotion and feel needed to play popular and other types of music. She is very professional, easy to work with, and always willing to put the music first and do whatever is needed to give her best performance. Having her play at your own wedding will give life to your arrangements and will enhance the entire day for you, your spouse, and all of your guests!

Gina Corso is a consummate professional.  She has served as a violinist for numerous special events and official academic functions, including several official convocations. Her performances are superb, and often breathtaking. Gina’s musical repertoire is as deep as it is broad and she brings a musicologist’s understanding of the western canon to every event for which she performs. She is able to move effortlessly from baroque counterpoint to an elegiac Irish air and then forward to a rock anthem without hesitation, seamlessly blending these multivariant forms into an impressive program of string music. Gina’s playing is rich, passionate and technically remarkable.  She is careful about follow-up, attentive to detail, deeply attuned to the soul of an event and focused on the needs of her listeners.”

Gina Corso Violinist
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