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Fresh New Angle's
DJ Mike Van Houten

Picture of DJ/MC Michael Van Houten looking out the window in a paisley jacket and black tie at a New Jersey wedding.

So what can we say about the always stylin' and profilin' Mike Van Houten?  This DJ/Host is the definition of an entertainer..

Mike Van Houten aka DJ MVious got his start in the industry 9 years ago when he was discovered at a wedding with such infectious energy that he took over the host, lit up the dance floor, and was scooped up under the wing of FNA's very own Chuckie Hype.

Fast forward, DJ MVious is now an FNA veteran himself, with a stack of reviews from former brides and grooms who love his positive vibe and fun loving attitude, and the way he engaged their guests.  He utilizes his versatility to adapt to many different parties and events.

Picture of Fresh New Angle Events DJ/MC Mike Van Houten in a purple suit and speaking in to the microphone at a New Jersey wedding.
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