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Fresh New Angle's
DJ Juan Carlos


DJ Juan Carlos aka DJ JayC is a very special addition to the FNA family's deep roster of DJ's, and bilingual at that.  He has been DJing for over 10 years, starting in 2007 right after graduating from high school.

DJ JayC got his first DJ setup and started to practice in his bedroom, mixing all types of genres, especially latin music.  After three years honing his craft, he finally got his first gig when the DJ at his brother's wedding bailed on him last minute!

With the confidence gained and mixing skills, he went on to rock the wedding and the rest is history.  He went on to DJ at a couple local bars and night clubs, also did a lot of his own events, and now is an FNA favorite.  

Juan Carlos aka nDJ JayC is well rounded open format DJ, but if you are lookin for those Latin fuego vibes, he is your go to guy.  "Que siga la rumba... wepaaa"

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