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Fresh New Angle's
DJ Chris Hype

DJ Chris Byrnes aka Chris Hype is yet another talented specimen of human matter hailing from Toms River NJ. They aren't just consistently dominating Little League, the fountain of DJ youth runs deep in this Jersey Shore town.


Chris started to DJ about 6 years ago.  He didn't know what was yet to come.  The ambition.  The doubt.  The drive, and then the feeling of taking what started as a mix for group fitness all the way to an entire set of musical perfection: a perfected craft.

Chris can rock the turntables and make you sweat but really enjoys being a part of the planning process and all the love thats poured into the day.  To him the introductions, the first dances, and welcoming the bride and groom to their new world as husband and wife is the culmination of passion, love and music.  

There's something really awesome about being able to introduce the new bride and groom to their family and closest friends.  DJ Chris Hype is all about celebrating the great gift of health, love, and life.. making it a night you'll never forget!

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