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Photography by Richard Cabral

Picture of a bride in a white dress, holding a bouquet, kissing a groom in a light blue suit.
Picture of a bride with her bridesmaids next to and behind her, right before she starts to get ready for her wedding.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Richard Cabral has spent most of his life working with the arts. Beginning with painting lessons at the Brooklyn Museum, his passion eventually evolved into a freelance career in illustration while working towards his arts degree at Brooklyn College.  After taking a film course in Brooklyn college, Richards path in the arts would change from Illustration to Photography.  

He began his career with Headshots, Event and Food photography, eventually settling into being a Wedding Photographer.  His skills as an Illustrator come into play when he composes his shots, to the lighting he chooses when working with his clientele.  From simple and clean all the way to moody and dynamic images. Richard loves when his clients faces light up with joy when they see their images.

Picture of a bride in a white dress looking up at a tall groom in a blue suit.

Even after a decade of working as a photographer, Richard brings the same energy to every event that he covers, from small family gatherings to large weddings.  Richard will make certain to capture you special moments to make for lasting memories for years to come!

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