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Making a Big Space More Intimate . . . And Enjoying Your Day!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

You’ve got your date. You have your caterer. You’ve chosen the best DJ/Event Management group (us!), and you picked the most romantic setting you always dreamed of. But now you’re worried it will feel empty and cavernous because you need to keep the wedding list small.

Don’t worry!

There are lots of creative, cost-effective things you can do to create more intimacy and ensure special moments will still occur. Below are 7 things we have seen that worked really well for couples in similar situations:

Tall and Wide Rooms

Sure, you may have been planning for 200+ people but now you can only have 50. While the guest list may have changed, the room dimensions have not, so how about some trees?

Trees are a great way to divide and fill a large space in an organic way, and create a cozier environment. Big branches can also work really well for this. A good florist will know how to incorporate that. Need a good florist? Contact us.

Ceiling Suspensions

Hanging things from the ceiling is certainly a fun way to make things seem more intimate. You could suspend floral arrangements, fabric, chandeliers, candles, signs, paper installations, and so much more.

Creative Table Arrangements

If the ceiling is off limits to hang things, you can always create taller table arrangements that make their way up to the ceiling. This will fill the space at and above eye level while creating a sense of privacy and closeness. And, if the number of tables you need for your guests doesn’t fill the room you’ve chosen for dinner, one option is to mix round and rectangular tables. Different shapes forces you to create more space, without it feeling forced or clunky.

Creative Lighting

Proper lighting can make anything look good. It can add warmth to a large venue by using uplighting or it can create a romantic feel by dimming the lights and using candles to give off a natural glow.

Room Separation

Separate the room into areas – for example use part of the room for dining tables, and part of it to create a little lounge area with armchairs, sofas, coffee tables, and even a photo booth!

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Food Stations

Instead of having waiters serve food, you could use part of the room to set up food stations – it’s more interactive, more experiential, and requires more space! Guests have the opportunity to connect with one another while selecting their food rather than staying seated through the entire reception.

Go Dark

As a general rule, white and light colors make a room feel, well, more roomy. While dark colors make it feel smaller and more intimate. Think dark tablecloths (large patterns in bold colors), dark dish ware, wooden tables, and accents.

Need more tips and hints on how to pull off a successful event? Contact us today to discuss. We’re always happy to share our experience with you.

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