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Photography by
Eugene Krasnaok

Eugene's journey began about 13 years ago when he discovered his love for photography.  He started working as a photojournalist for newspapers and was able to travel the world, and also operated one of the biggest creative agencies in his home country.  Eugene came to New York for more fulfilling opportunities with this creative outlet.


I’m truly blessed to bring my expertise and keep doing what I’m passionate about: candid moments, not-pretentious, emotional, real and honest storytelling. 



Eugene Krasnaok Photography

Photography is more than just taking a picture - it's hours of study, practice and live human connections. Eugene really loves getting to know his client’s personalities and working towards bringing them out in his images. Each session is its own universe, it’s a small world that wants to stop and show the world what it has to offer. There are thousands of opportunities every day to make a beautiful life lasting memory for you to look at 10-20 years down the road and beyond, and it's always great to remember how the whole day felt.

Eugene Krasnaok Photography
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