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Fresh New Angle's
DJ Paul Powell


Paul R. Powell was on the Music scene in the 1970’s as a singer and lyrics writer.   His childhood surfing buddy the Legendary DJ “Dan the Man” Vineis one of the original STAR DJ’S talked Paul into joining up.

After 3 years Paul  bought the POINTE DJ’s from NYC scene,  DJ “Eliminator”, Dropped the “e” and started “pointing parties in the right direction”.  With a full time Audio Engineering gig the Point became a side gig from 1994 till today.   Paul was looking towards merging with someone with a Fresh New Attitude.  Former Point DJ Mike Demby had already found this Path and Gave Paul a call and Now Paul’s Compass pointed to a FRESH NEW ANGLE!  Paul brings with him a vast knowledge of music and has seen it all live! 

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