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Fresh New Angle's
DJ Danny Gomes

DJ Danny Gomes is a New Jersey born open format DJ who has the uncanny ability to rock a room, big or small. At 45 years old, Danny has been DJing professionally for 30 years, playing increasingly bigger parties, weddings, private events and bars all over the East Coast.


Coming to us from an old school hip-hop and dance music background, Danny has hosted Night clubs such as Club Amnesia, R-Bar, Club Abyss, NYC Tunnel, and Red Rock just to name a few.  It's no surprise to hear Danny play everything from Motown to EDM, the Bee Gees to the Backstreet Boys, and everything in-between.


His Favorite music to play 90’s Hiphop, Latin, EDM, and Classic Club. He is no stranger to the road, Danny is prepared to bring his talents and State of the art equipment anywhere in the tri-state area at a moment's notice!

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